Internationalization strategies

Internationalization strategies

Personalized advice and orientation in foreign trade and internationalization.

Internationalization plans; starting point analysis, markets/sectors/customer’s identification, entry strategies, and action plan development and implementation.

Opportunities’ & Partners’ search and identification. In a proactive attitude; promoting collaboration in order to make the relationship a reality (come true), either long-term partnerships or a specific time frame need.

Export department organization and support; in order to implement the Internationzalitation plan’s actions:

  • Customers/Distributors/Agent search and follow-up.
  • Commercial activities management; exhibitions, congresses, promoting events, business trips organization, customers/agents/distributors visits and invitation, etc.
  • Configuration and coordination of marketing activities: online (websites, mailings, newsletters, videos…) and offline (catalogues, leaflets…)
  • Sales, Commercial and Markets coaching